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What is a Program Director?

2014 Winter Retreat-89

Program Directors are students who administer the 70 community service programs at the Center for Service and Learning. Two or more Program Directors are needed for each program. They help to fulfill the Center’s mission of providing every BYU student with a meaningful service opportunity while also developing their leadership skills. This is accomplished through recruitment, retention, and reflection activities, and through motivating, directing, and training volunteers to serve.

Program Directors also serve as liaisons with their Community Service Providers, BYU faculty and staff, and others involved in Center activities. They must be enrolled as full-time students, have a 2.5 cumulative GPA at time of application and throughout the term of service, and abide by Center and university policies and procedures. They are expected to spend three to five hours a week in administrative and planning activities, in directing service with their programs, and in office hours. They are required to attend monthly training meetings, individual stewardships with their Service Council member, and reflection events held during the semester.


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