Spreading the Love

Every month, Service Dates holds an activity that provides an easy date idea and a fun service project! This past December, they gathered together and made Christmas decorations for the local children’s hospital. Hanna Burgin, a program director for Service Dates, loved this activity and said, “We filled an enormous bag with decorations. The volunteers were so excited to be a part of the activity and they all did an amazing job. When we went to the hospital to drop off the decorations, the lady at the volunteer desk was so excited. She thanked us and told us that the kids would love them. It was a simple service, but it made so many people happy: the volunteers, the receptionists, and the kids.” Doing simple service with a date is so fun and worth the time put in! Check out Service Dates and their upcoming activities by going to or email


Need a fun activity to do with your valentine this weekend? Need to find a special someone to celebrate with? Join Service Dates as they spread the love this Saturday, February 10th, 2018, at 7 pm in room 3224 of the Wilk! They will have service projects, speed dating, and snacks!! RSVP by filling out this form:

Email for more information!

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