2016: 16 Ways to Serve in the New Year

Remember those resolutions you made a month ago? Well, you should.

Obviously, you decided to serve more this year.

Gold star!


Since most resolutions don’t stick, here are a few simple ideas for how you can consistently serve as a college student in the new year.

We could do the full 2016 reasons, but let’s be honest, no one really wants to read that much. That’s what textbooks are for.

1. Make your roommate’s bed. It takes about 42 seconds, makes your room look organized, and creates smiles all around.

giphy (1).gif

2. Clean up a local park. Community Clean-up has events every Saturday morning.

giphy (7).gif

3. Hold the door for someone. This is a classy, timeless gesture that’s sure to get you a date.

hold door.jpg

4.  Make a new friend. Our mentoring programs can connect you with some of the best people on the planet.

giphy (4).gif

5. Make cookies to share! Seriously, the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach.

giphy (2).gif

6. Visit people at retirement and rehab centers. These people have buckets of wisdom to share, and Utah Healing Arts and Adopt-A-Grandparent can get you where you want to go.

giphy (5).gif

7. Use Service Dates – once a month, pre-planned for you, great first date, and it can help with that other resolution you have to find your eternal companion.

giphy (6).gif

8. Compliment people! Find the good in everyone.

giphy (3).gif

9. Volunteer at your local food bank. Community Action has groups that go every week

giphy (8).gif

10. Give a whole day just to serving. We have programs to help you with that:

Community Outreach Day, Sports Hero Day, Project Youth, BYU Experience, Y-Days

giphy (9).gif

11. Tutor someone. As a college student, you’re an expert in something. Share that expertise with fellow students or local K-12 kids.

giphy (10).gif

12. Pick up the pen, notebook, phone, that somebody dropped. They will forever be indebted to you.


13. Share your language skills. That includes speaking finance, English, medical, engineering, animal, and just about any other language you could imagine. Here are a few programs that need you:

Junior Achievement, Conexiones, Underwater Robotics, Horses for Healing, Anatomy Academy

giphy (11).gif

14. Grow it out and share your hair. Locks of Love has events on February 17th and 18th and throughout the semester.

giphy (12).gif

15. Smile. You know you want to.

giphy (14).gif

16. Come into 2330 in the Wilkinson center between classes to color and knit. Yes, it’s legit service. Promise.

giphy (15).gif

Visit us in the Y-Serve office on campus for more ideas!


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