Freshman Fifteen Reasons to Serve

Dear first year students,

Ah, what a glorious summer it was. So, so long ago.

As the weather turns colder and arguments over apartment thermostats thicken by the hour, think about what you are doing now to make the most of your BYU experience.

Your RAs visited the Y-Serve Offices to find out how best to help you make the most of BYU.

Here are 15 reasons that we are calling you to serve this semester and for the rest of your BYU experience:

1. “There is a great release to putting your faith in action” – David G.

Do you anticipate any problems next semester? Whatever your station is in life, wherever you’re from, you can experience the same feelings of joy and gratitude that service can bring.

Read “Finding Joy Through Loving Service.”

2. Far from home, away from the comforts of your former high school, service opportunities and organizations are great places to find your place at BYU

“I wanted to be involved in something,” says Danielle M, an RA who started volunteering to be involved.

Don’t be intimidated by the enormous amount of talent at BYU, and don’t feel that you don’t belong here — stopping into the Y-Serve Office, heading to BYUSA, serving with BYU Alumni are just a few ways to really make your mark at BYU. These organizations offer leadership opportunities and ways to make a difference.

You’ll find that you belong at BYU.

Read More: “A two way road”.

You’re going to be so popular.

3. Service helps the heart.

Service can! Service can heal and start the heart again. There’s something about getting to know someone else and helping them through their trials that makes your own troubles shrink. 

Read: “Confession: I started attending Y-Serve activities because my boyfriend dumped me.” 

It can help the heart grow three sizes that day.

4. “Service brings a lot of happiness”

5. Service brings you to the best people. Surround yourself with the best people.

Whether surrounded by your fellow student leaders or a group of strangers who come together for a purpose of helping someone, just try not making a friend.

6. The prophet, yo.

7. Every one is doing it in Provo!

According to a study by the Corporation for National and Community Service and the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Provo ranks first on their list: “Over 58 percent of all residents volunteered in the past calendar year, and they each volunteered almost 150 hours. Additionally, they donated 13.9 percent of their income every year. The city is home to Brigham Young University, which encourages all students to volunteer with the Center for Service and Learning.”

Read: Nerd Wallet’s Most Generous Cities.

8. Service makes you happier.

And happy people just don’t flunk out of school.

They just don’t.

Read: “10 Easy things that will make you happier, backed by science” 

9. You get mint brownies

(kinda counter-intuitive on the whole Freshman-15 thing, but still).

Read: “4500 hours of service with a smile”

10. You have better things to Tweet than pictures of your cereal bowl

11. You’re the oldest child away from your little siblings for the first time?

Come serve in one of our mentoring programs. Be a hero.

Read “A small desire to serve.”

12. You will always have plans for the weekend.

Try one of our Saturday morning programs!

Really, who’s sleeping in on Saturdays anyway?

13. The power.


15. You’re so talented. Go out there and serve. The world needs YOU.


Y-Serve + The RAs

Go on and serve.

And be great.


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